Creation of Knox ProCorps

In July 2011, we were introduced to Project Ulpan by Kevin Colvett and Kris Hatchell. A presentation was offered to area professionals in July to share information about Project Ulpan.  Shortly thereafter, those who expressed interest in Project Ulpan participated in three discussion groups which began discussions of how Knoxville could support Project Ulpan.  Out of those discussion groups, came an idea to form a group of Knoxville Community Professionals (engineers, dentists, veterinarians, etc.) that could tackle projects like Project Ulpan as a community rather than individual companies.  The community approach flourished in our discussions, and has grown into an organization known as Knox ProCorps. In October 2011, Knox ProCorps had its first Leadership Committee Meeting and has been working to define what the organization will be and our involvement in projects like Project Ulpan. 

Members of the Leadership Committee:

  • Rob Herchenrider; Strata Environmental Services (President)
  • Adam Byard; West Knox Utility District (Vice President)
  • Tim Kazmier; Kazmier & Associates (Treasurer)
  • Michelle Maddox; EnSafe Inc. (Secretary)
  • Bruce Giles; First Utility District (Board Member)
  • Mike MacIndoe; Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates, Inc. (Board Member)
  • Tim Tucker; Cannon & Cannon, Inc. (Board Member)

If you are intersted in joining the Board and leading efforts for Knox ProCorps, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(5 of 7 members of the Leadership Team in Guatemala) Front: Michelle Maddox, Mark McKinney, Tim Kazmier Back: Rob Herchenrider, Bruce Giles, Adam Byard