Community of Semesche

Semesche, consisting of 798 people comprised of 140 families, was first visited by Knox Procorps during a survey trip in February of 2012.  During this trip, with the help of the community, a nacimiento (spring) at approximately 1680m in altitude was located.  The nacimiento is locally owned by a community member.  The owner verbally agreed to sell the nacimiento to the community for the purpose of a community water project.  

Semesche Water Source

Current Water Source in Semesche

During the trip in February, Knox ProCorps began thinking about the possibility of expediting the design and construction of this water project which would serve approximately 2/3 (478 people) of the community to meet their most basic need of providing clean water to communal locations within Semesche. 

Between the months of February and September, CAFNIMA was able to have a few discussions with the owner of the spring and got verbal communication from him that he would give permission to use the water.  Around the first weeks of September, CAFNIMA heard from the leaders and the community that they would like to begin working on a water project.  The leaders did say that they were only interested in getting water to the health center, the school and the four churches in the community. 

A team was sent to assist CAFNIMA with the construction of the water project in December 2012.  CAFNIMA designed the system for the project. Using a circular system, the layout of this project has two principle lines leaving two separate Rotoplas tanks (storage of 2500L) near the spring and coming back together near the Mennonite Church. There are plans for seven distribution points to be T’ed off these principle lines. The principle lines are to be of ¾” PVC, while the service lines are to be of ½” PVC.  At each point there is a T for a service line, there will also be a gate vale and a vale box secured with a lock.