CLUBHOUSE GUATEMALA | Knox ProCorps collaborated with Clubhouse
Guatemala to construct a water system for the Freedom Academy in Guatemala. In February 2014, KPC Volunteers visited the site to gather field data to develop design drawings. KPC designed a new well pump, on-site elevated storage, booster pump system, water distribution, and plans for a bottling operation to serve the 2 neighboring villages. In August 2015, a team of 7 KPC volunteers along with Clubhouse Staff successfully installed all components of the new water system and left the school with a fully functional water system.

APPALACHIAN AREA (Clay County, KY) | KPC is working with students from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville as a consultant for a water project in Clay County, KY.  KPC is providing electrical and plumbing oversight for a water kiosk project which will include constructing a potable water station for people in Beverly, Kentucky where they can pay a minimal fee to fill up containers with potable water. The interdisciplinary project combines the expertise of faculty and students from the College of Nursing, the College of Architecture and Design, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Law Enforcement Innovation Center to address Clay County’s needs. KPC, along with Merit Construction, Paulk+Co, and Mcabee Hayes, have assisted the students of the University of Tennessee with the design and construction of a potable water kiosk and farmers market pavilion at the Red Bird facility in Clay County, Ky. During the week of March 16-20, spring break at UT, a group of students, assisted by faculty and professional advisers traveled to Kentucky to construct the facility that they had conceived and designed. During that week, the students learned invaluable lessons in design and construction as they built the project. When they returned home on Saturday, the project was approximately 80 percent complete. A follow up trip is planned on April 11-12 in order to complete the project.

THOMAZEAU, HAITI | Working with Living Waters and Live Beyond, we sent a design team to Haiti Fall of 2013 with the hope of sending construction teams in 2014. The project sustained delays as the field staff from Live Beyond worked through political and administrative issues with the local people and the UN. In October 2014, many of the issues appear to have been resolved and we expect to move forward with this project in 2015. The project will rehabilitate a water source in the area of Thomazeau and construct a distribution system that will be capable of serving up to 20,000 people who do not currently have a safe source of potable water.