Knox ProCorps’ first focus is to assist with the execution of some of CAFNIMA’s water/health programs pertinent to Project Ulpan, located in Guatemala, with the design and construction of new water systems to serve 16 communities in the Ulpan Valley. Water technicians are being identified and trained in the Valley to ensure the long term sustainability of the projects. Water committees are being created in each village where the community wants a water system and the community is required to supply labor and a small percentage of capital cost for the system.

The Knox ProCorps Leadership Team traveled to Guatemala, February 2012, to survey the area and begin preparation for designing and constructing the water projects. During the trip to Guatemala, the Leadership Team was able to identify water sources that have the potential to serve all of the communities in the Ulpan Valley.

Below is a list of the Communities we are currently assisting Project Ulpan with: