Our Current Needs:

  • Volunteers to Support Fundraisers
  • Constructing Water Projects
  • Designing Water Projects
  • Supporting the Dental and Medical Programs
  • Funding Support – Donate or help find financial support
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • Tell us your skill sets and we will keep you posted of upcoming opportunities

Get the Word Out:

Tell your friends about Knox ProCorps and Project Ulpan.  Below are some helpful links for learning more about Project Ulpan, the Key Members of Project Ulpan as well as a key partner of Project Ulpan.

  • Project Ulpan Key Member Blogs:
    • Kris Hatchell:
      Kris and his wife, Dee Dee, have been living in the Valley since the summer of 2011.  Kris is the Project Coordinator for Project Ulpan. http://deedeeandkristopher.blogspot.com/
    • Kevin Colvett:
      The Colvett family has been living in the valley since August 2011.  Kevin is a water engineer from the Nashville area who has been coordinating all the planning, design and construction work for the water projects.  Kevin and his family returned home Summer 2012. To read more about their experience, visit their blog:
    • Mark McKinney:
      Mark and his family moved to Guatemala to replace the Colvett family in July 2012.  Mark is a Water Engineer from the Knoxville area and will continue the work that Kevin has started. To read more about their experience, visit their blog:

Support a Trip:

If you are interested in supporting, you can make a tax deductible donation through Lipscomb University at the following site: http://www.lipscomb.edu/development/Student-Mission-Gifts  (For the Trip Name select: Guatemala – Knox ProCorps). The cost of constructing one water project is approximately $7,500 and the cost to send someone to Guatemala is $1,300. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Plan to Go on a Trip:

If you are interested in participating in a trip to Guatemala, please contact us (info@knoxprocorps.org) for more information.  We have several trips planned for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Share Your Ideas for a Project:

Project Ulpan is just the beginning for Knox ProCorps. Our hope is to also work locally on projects such as providing water to the Appalachia Community.  Currently, our Leadership Team consists of water professionals, but we also have interested dentists, veterinarians, etc.  We would also like to bring agricultural support to the valley.  We would like for you to tell us what projects you have a heart for and help us support your projects.  

Stay Tuned…

for more opportunities to participate and donate for the construction of the water projects in the Ulpan Valley as well as opportunities here in East Tennessee.